Just wanna know what you're doing..Posted:

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Not made a thread on the Off-Topic Discussion Forum in quite a while so just wanted to know what you guys are doing now or later?

I'm about to go bed, not a surprise really :/
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Browsing TTG
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Browsing TTG and playing some wagers on Call of Duty.
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Eating cookies about to go to bed and go fishing in the morning.
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Scrolling through twitter watching CNN about the Charlotte riots.
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Just on TTG, school in a few hours.
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Making dinner, writing reviews on Amazon, getting free stuff for my reviews. Just chilling man.
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Messing up my sleeping schedule so i can get the most out of this runescape double exp weekend,
only happens two times out of the year so i gotta get my grind on.

Sad really but who cares.

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Browsing this website.
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Drinking some coffee, trying to enjoy my morning
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