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maDz Gold Giveaway Road to Ultra Gifter! [Round 10]Posted:

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Though I will never be as cool as Jay (haha im copying you) and hit supreme gifter, I still want to show my support.

I currently have 150 gifts of gold and I can do just a few more right now. So, If you have gold or want gold please post below. I will choose a different winner every 12 hours.

You may post once per round!


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Thanks for the opportunity. Count me in.
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Id like to enter! My Gold runs out in 12 hours so it would come in very useful!

I think i'm an active member in the community so it wouldn't go to waste!
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I'd like to enter, count me in
Main reason why I want Gold again is for the Gold forums esp the Buy/Trade one
Having a colored name and signature was aesthetically pleasing too
I could also go for a name change right about now
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My golds ends in a couple days soo wanted to be on top on gold.

Thanks for this Brandon aKa ok aKa maDz.

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Congrats man...

Oh I mean I'd love to enter into this
And win a free month of Xbox, I mean of TTG gold!
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Thanks for doing this, I would love to be gifted gold, used to have it a while ago and would love it again, will +rep
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I'm in for a month of gold thanks boss
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I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance
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Thanks for giving out gold to people. If I can have the chance to get it, i'll take it. Thanks man!
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