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Mass Effect 3: Valerie Shepard - Xbox 360 GameSave

Download Name: Mass Effect 3: Valerie Shepard - Xbox 360 GameSave  

Category: Xbox 360 Game saves

Author: Mortar

Submitted By: Mortar

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File Size: 61.09 KB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Xbox 360 GameSave.
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"Mass Effect 3: Valerie Shepard - Xbox 360 GameSave" | Login/Create an Account | 4 comments
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How can i put it on my hard drive?i have to convert it?
Thanks so much. I took me forever to find just a plain save of ME3... I too just needed it for the N7 suit in Dead Space 3. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
only grabbed it so i can have the n7 suit in dead space 3, thank you and have a nice 8/10
what is on this save ???