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MW2 - MPData Editor

Download Name: MW2 - MPData Editor   Popular

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Author: Camoz

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Modern Warfare 2 OFFLINE MPData Editor
One WITHOUT A Megaupload Link.
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"MW2 - MPData Editor" | Login/Create an Account | 21 comments
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If you select Gold Desert Eagle, and u wanna use it. You need to pick up that class, you must be kill someone 5 times, so he get a CopyCat. Then you has your class, but he's got you're Gold Desert Eagle kill him, pick up his weapon. And you're done.

DazLShock wrote:

doesnt workk

'Download and use USBXTAFGUI or USBXTAFEXPLORER to open the files. Extract the mpdata, go to mpdata editor select everything you want. Save, then go to USBXTAFGUI or USBXTAFEXPLORER and delete the old file, and click inject file. Inject the modded mpdata save or rehash and resign. Put USB back in Xbox 360 and you're done :D

codhacksfan wrote:

can someone tell me how to open this

Download Modio 3.0 after download it Explore Device look for ur mpdate Exract it Mod ur Class then save put Go to Explore Device AgainLook for ur mpdata after u find it insert ur
mpdata thatt u mod go to open from a device go to ur name n then go to mw2 then ur mpdata
rehash n res n 1 more time save to device go to ur name n then go to mw2 pick ur usb ur done


how do u mod xbox 360 with a imac

You don't
doesnt workk

codhacksfan wrote:

can someone tell me how to open this

i'm havin the same problem
I cant save my stuff and that lot can somebody help plz :)
cant save my classes and xbox cant open it someone help please
who cares about split screen