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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Modded Gamesave

Download Name: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Modded Gamesave  

Category: Xbox 360 Game saves

Author: -SmoKe-

Submitted By: ZFreak

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File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 18

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Item description:

Base Stats are at 100
Modded stats are 9999
instant level too level 81 and will have 80 skill perks to spend Sorry but i can't add more you get some more while questing
Full set of Deadric armor
Full set of Deadric weapons
999,999 deadric Arrows
9,999,999 Gold
999 dragon souls (Do not unlock the dragon shouts that dont have Symbols)
All Spells and Shouts
Health Magicka and Stamina at 9999
100,000 Carry Weight
5 lock picks you dont need that many if you spec in Unbreakable
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It freezes when i want to unlock some shouts.

Is that what you meant when you said don't unlock those wih the symbols?


wont let me for some reason cuz its an exs file


so how do you unlock the dragon shouts without symbols then?


hey i was woundering is the save were i can make the person in my image??


believedmaster14 How do i get every shout to work because it says that i need dragons souls and i have killed about 5 of them? Help!

go over the dragon shout you want and press x to unlock it


it says disc unreadable?? help??


How do i get every shout to work because it says that i need dragons souls and i have killed about 5 of them? Help!


ever time i try to play it say disc is unreadable


tmanf Works well, just some shouts freeze your Xbox. Drag and drop into horizon with your profile loaded on a flash drive there to put it on your Xbox.

whenever i do that it says halting reading


mrmug123 Can't someone make a good save,u kno 1 that doesn't ruin the whole game..for example I want a modded save but I just want like infinity stamina and full dedric armor and weps.I still lvl my character and actually have fun but none of these mods seem to do that,these mods basically beat the game for you.
make your own? thats what i did for oblivion, hex calculator + hex editor = any mods you want