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Call of Duty: MW3 Game Editor

Download Name: Call of Duty: MW3 Game Editor   Popular

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: Hetelek, Experiment5X, sh042067, Itz adam5x, jester, Austin

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Game Editor! Mod Your Multiplayer Stats!

1: Download the Editor

2: Find your MPData, (Plug in HDD>Xport 360>Partition 3>Your Profile>Cod: MW3> MPDATA (Offline)

3: Drag it out to the Desktop

4: Open it up in the Editor

5: Mod whatever you want! (Prestige, Classes, Weapons, Camos, Kills... Etc)

6: Rehash & Resign, Place back into HDD
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can you get banned without having a J-TAG???
GUYS CHILL THE F^^ck OUT download sandboxie drag the whole pakage is sandboxie than close sandboxie
and the mp data editor wich opens automaticly so than open it it up again
Hey guys im just wondering something. The editor isn't opening for me is there any help? Just asking not trying to be a noob or anything...
Sorry guys but its not by insulting the people who dont know how to do it that you gonna be a 1337 haxor so just help him like me ...

So for people that its not working go on the ttg link and download executable v1.4 then open it ! :D That was easy but my mpdata doesnt work ...
i have 2 keep putting this on my usb everytime i turn off my console anybody else having this problem? By the way the mod works great but no zeuscannon

slickgohard wrote:

The Teach games sucks most of the F...... hacks wont even F...... open like yhu cant barly do any of the hacks

hey bud if u want to be like this then exit this website and find a 10 year old website this website is not for you
lol FDPhysco,your right....
@slickgohard : Learn how to spell and you're mad you cant swear oh and The Tech Game was made for people that KNOW HOW TO HACK! or are learning unlike your ***** 12 year old's ****.
How do you do this i need help please
naoooo all of u