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Battlefield 3 Save.

Download Name: Battlefield 3 Save.  

Category: Xbox 360 Game saves

Submitted By: cherry

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Item description:

Completed the campaign on hard difficulty setting.

When this save is loaded some nice achievements will pop up!

*Dont Forget To Resign and Rehash before putting it on your usb*
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Not a Chance

"Battlefield 3 Save." | Login/Create an Account | 10 comments
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it says invalid xbox package:(
Thanks alot!
Thanks alot 10/10
does this get you all the acheivements for hard campaign
Lol Wehn I Saw This I Thought It Was Multiplayer
very happy 10/10 unlocked hard mode thanks =)
Wow...thanks bro! haha

Magnusy wrote:

How can I install this?

Next, you will want to go back to memory, open your hard drive, go to >>games*GameYouWantToMod*highlight your gamesave and transfer it to your usb flashdrive

Next, plug your flash drive into your PC, open Modio, open the device explorer, find your gamesave, and drag it to your desktop.

Now, drag your save from your desktop into modio, and copy the Console and Profile IDs.

Now, open the modded save you downloaded in Modio (or elsewhere). Replace the 2 IDs with the ones you previously copied.

Click "Rehash & Resign"

Drag the modded save into the device explorer to replace your original save.

Plug it back into your xbox, go back to your memory settings, move the save over to your HDD. Now, boot up the game and select resume game/continue game.
How can I install this?
Uploaded 16 Minutes and I am the First to download
Boston 617*~~ WooH