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Dark Souls Savegame Editor

Download Name: Dark Souls Savegame Editor  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: Jappi88, cybersam

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

File Size: 1.71 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

Snuggly the Barter Dark Souls Savegame Editor

1. Press open, and browse your "DRAKS0005" GameSave
2. edit to your likings and Hit Save.
3. Transfer Back to you MU and Enjoy !
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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Not a Chance

"Dark Souls Savegame Editor" | Login/Create an Account | 8 comments
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is there anyway to mod a 2nd charecter in the 2nd slot
your better off using the dragonhead glitch to get souls and humanity no chance of corrupt file
corrupts after 5 uses.
im assuming you have a rar reader file ?
When i go on the rar file and click open an error comes up. The error when it says send to microsoft. Can some one plz tell me what is wrong thanks.
yeah i didnt, i think it may have had something to do with my flash drive tried it again last night on a different one and it worked no prob.
thanks this is cool.
don't go over four 9 for your health and stamina
also only put 99 for stats and you should be good.

thanks for this save editor.
when i reload it say corrupt could you please tell me where im going wrong