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Dead island Save editor

Download Name: Dead island Save editor  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: Jappi88

Submitted By: Sparkies

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Item description:

Dead Island - Save editor
so here is the save editor for Dead Island.

for this version you need to extract the save TWICE...
you can edit your Cash and Xp for now, and hope to add more later.

How it works...
1. Open your Save_0 (confile) with modio/lefluffie/horizon/ ect.
2. extract the save from the confile.
3. open your extracted save with 7-zib/winrar, and extract it somewhere. Do not close 7-zib/winrar yet.
4. edit the second extracted save with the editor, and make changes.
5. Hit save and close the editor.
6. drop your edited save to 7-zib/winrar.
7. then goto your confile and replace the Save_0
8. rehash/resigh, and profit.

Note* Not all computers can delete the file with winrar and will not work, if it doesn't work your going to have to sit tight and wait for the next one Sorry
If you need help pm me and i will help
You need Teamviewer BTW
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Not a Chance

"Dead island Save editor" | Login/Create an Account | 7 comments
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it looks great but i cant get it to work. everytime i load my save in it says it worked then immediately says please choose a valid save game? any help would be great! thanks!
i cant git it to work :(
Pre modded files here
Lvl 1 with alot of $$$
and lvl 50 with alot of $$$
All characters
Just change the id's
Worked for me thanks alot. ! :)

Munked wrote:

doesnt work for me.. i get a error when i drag my save in to the program, ive extracted twice soo help pl0x :3
doesnt work for me.. i get a error when i drag my save in to the program, ive extracted twice soo help pl0x :3
Any chance of a video tut? >: