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No Man's Sky - Profession Explorer Mod

Download Name: No Man's Sky - Profession Explorer Mod  

Category: PC Game Mods

Author: Xenomorph

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You roam about No Man's Sky Universe because you want to be an explorer, see new things. Go "that way", because everywhere you look in the Galaxy map, it all looks the same, yet different. No two stars are the same, no two planets are equal, so there is always a chance you'll come across a paradise in your travels.
But do you only land on a planet to shoot ro... gather resources to keep going? Or do you really care about picking a direction and see what you can find? We all know The Gek, Korvax and Vy'keen have been seeding previosuly dead planets with organisms from other planets, in a mix and match game of trial and error to create new habitable worlds and varied ecossystems. Therefore, its possible, even very likely, to encounter similar species across different planets, solar systems and even galaxies, but it's important to catalogue as much as possible. Someday, that data will be used as a rosetta stone to seed dead rocks in space and create perfect paradises.
And you can help.
As an incentive for the daunting task ahead, all 3 races came together in an agreement to fund you in your travels,... in a reasonable way. All payouts for cataloguing solar systems, planets, locations, fauna, flora and mineral resources will be greatly increased. No longer you'll have to scrape your funding by shooting rocks or fleeing Sentinels as you loot valuable resources they so fiercely guard, or scrounge around for wrecked ships to salvage and loot resources and components to sell.
You wanted to be a space tourist, now you can. How you want to proceed, it's all up to you. This is not a mandatory directive.
Decompress and drop in the PCBANKS folder.

I do recommend using TemplarGFX's Wild Life or any mod that modify species count, since they generate awesome amounts of immersion. And payout, maybe.
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