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Fallout 4 - Commonwealth Vendors Stock 7.62 Rounds Mod

Download Name: Fallout 4 - Commonwealth Vendors Stock 7.62 Rounds Mod  

Category: PC Game Mods

Author: deluges

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I don't know about you, but I was pretty annoyed that there weren't any places in the Commonwealth to buy ammunition for the Handmade Assault Rifle. Now there is! You can now purchase 7.62 ammo from Wolfgang (outside Drumlin Diner, if you didn't kill him), Arturo (Commonwealth Weaponry, Diamond City), Myrna (Commonwealth Surplus, Diamond City), Rufus (Hotel Rexford, Goodneighbor), Lucas Miller (Wandering Caravan Trader, use a Trading Post in your settlements to bring him in) and Cricket (Bunker Hill, outside Vault 81 or outside of Diamond City). This was my first time using G.E.C.K. and since I was learning how to use it as I went along, I ran into some issues trying to get KLEO to stock this ammo which is why I used Rufus instead. I'll probably keep working on it at some point, but it's fine as is.
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