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Fallout 4: Nuka World Weapon Edits

Download Name: Fallout 4: Nuka World Weapon Edits  

Category: PC Game Mods

Author: WastelandAssassin

Submitted By: RepBandit

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Item description:

This mod is a work in progress, which is aimed at editing many of the useless or non impressive new weapons added by Nuka World, to make them usable again

currently, the changes are as follow:
Paddle Ball - each piece of ammo is now a full magazine (20 attacks),making this a rather cheap ammo source
Acid Soaker - each piece of Acid Soaker ammo is now a full vial, giving you 20 shots (i think it was intended as such, as each vial requires 20 acid)
Problem Solver (unique Hand Made Rifle) - changed to Explosive, to make different to the Splattercannon
*the first two effects have been tested and they work, but since i haven't had time to play the DLC, i can't make sure that Problem Solver is added with the new legendary effect, so this needs confirmation
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