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Alone in The Dark Legit Order Save

Download Name: Alone in The Dark Legit Order Save  

Category: Xbox 360 Game saves

Author: EyesOnly

Submitted By: Brigand

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Item description:

Im NOT sure if this works or not I don't have the game at this moment please post and let people know. Also I'm not sure if this is any different that the NON-Working 1000G Save-set all ready posted here but this one comes with a READ ME and Instructions. Enjoy.
to unlock achievement load and complete the last part of each episode.

to unlock the secret achievement in legit order load and complete
episode three part 1
Episode four part 2
Episode Four part 5
Episode Five part 1
Episode Six Part 1
Episode Eight Part 2
Episode Eight part 9(Don't Shoot and Shoot)

this save does not unlocks:
10. Flaming Roots - 25 G - Burn half the roots of evil
11. Blazing Roots - 50 G - Burn all the roots of evil
14. The Smart Fighter - 5 G - Use the lighter/spray combination to kill a Humanz
15. The Molotov ****tail - 5 G - Insert a wick into a bottle with flammable content.
16. Cocoon - 20 G - Burn a cocoon
17. The Air Bomb - 5 G - Throw a bottle filled with flammable liquid and shoot it mid-air.
18. The Sticky Bomb - 5 G - Take a bottle filled with flammable content or a spray and combine it with an adhesive.
19. Fire Bullets - 5 G - Make a fire bullet by pouring flammable liquid on it.
20. The Glowstick Bomb - 5 G - Combine a taped bottle filled with flammable content or a spray with a glowstick.
21. Useless! - 10 G - Combine an empty taped bottle with a wick and an emergency flare.
22. Handyman Carnby - 30 G - Make all combinations in inventory
23. The Sharpshooter - 20 G - Finish off a Humanz by shooting fire bullets at it's fissure.
24. Demolition Expert - 20g G - Build the Extra Pack Bomb -Tape and Bullets on Mosquito Spray.
25. Fissure - 20 G - Burn a fissure
26. The Biggest of All - 25 G - Defeat the museum monster
27. Goal - 20 G - Kick 10 Rats
28. Toasted Eggs - 20 G - Burn a rats nest
29. Vampirz - 20 G - Burn a vampirz
30. Fisherman's Foe - 10 G - Shoot a goldfish
31. Unlimited Offer - 10 G - Call all contacts in your phonebook
32. Wired - 10 G - Hotwire a car
33. Car Thievery - 10 G - Unlock a car door after breaking the window
34. Free Gasoline - 10 G - Pierce a car gas tank and fill a bottle with the fuel
35. Never Leave a Key Here - 10 G - Find a key in the car sun visor.
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