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COD Black Ops GodMode Save set

Download Name: COD Black Ops GodMode Save set   Popular

Category: Xbox 360 Modded & Fun Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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the correct file size is 8MB the site is not listing it correct

Call of duty Black Ops GodMode gamesave set

This saveset was done with a JTag (you do not need one). Just put the save on your USB/HDD and resume game (after rehashing). Godmode goes away after every level, so this pack includes saves for all levels. Levels are set to Veteran.

God mode has been enabled in all these saves.

This is for all those people who do not have a j-tag boxes and want the god mode hack.

Note: Everytime you start a new mission you will loose god mode. So i have made a save at the start of every mission (and sub level) with god mode enabled.

All saves are on Veteran Difficulty. This is ideal for a first run through for those who find the game too difficult.

1. Before using the first save start a new game on Veteran difficulty. Save and exit at the first checkpoint.
2. Then load the first save and play the mission.
3. When you finish the mission wait till the next mission starts before you save and exit
4. Then load your next save and play the next mission.
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"COD Black Ops GodMode Save set" | Login/Create an Account | 20 comments
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does the godmode works for zombies online?
Is it for multiplayer also
Can I download it from my phone?

jockey-2k wrote:

its on my computer but not my ps3 i don't get it
its for xbox. and ps3 is just awful
How do i do this im brand new
its because its for xbox twat
its on my computer but not my ps3 i don't get it
Is this for zombies or combat trainiing or player match? someone please help meee.
seems cool thanks alot just follow the instructions guys works great xbox 360 only
those of u posting about not working on ps3 it wont because its an xbox 360 save sorry to tell ya :P look for this in the ps3 section