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Halo 4 Profile Modder

Download Name: Halo 4 Profile Modder  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Submitted By: Sean

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Halo 4 Profile Modder
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"Halo 4 Profile Modder" | Login/Create an Account | 19 comments
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how does it work? i got it downloaded to my laptop, now what? ive tried everything tht i can think of to get the file from my flash drive on it and wouldnt work.. so im sittin duck till i hear from you guys:(

SIM0N wrote:

It worked but will i get banned hmmm

There is a VERY high possibility that you will, so watch your back.
Nice ill try this.
hope i dont get reset /:
works great run as adim and it should work i ran it on my jasper jtag
will this work if i only have a normal xbox with a usb??
Just a heads up warning guys, I just got my profile reset and locked to my hard drive about a week ago because of this. So be careful with how much you do...
This is amazing!!! but I wouldnt use this online but if you do dont go all out with it get a couple things youd want then go back and use it time to time

Good Luck!!
You guys are probably doing it wrong, I'm just pointing this out, but I'm pretty sure if Sean, SENIOR ADMINISTRATOR posted it? It's probably legit.
You need the .GPD file to modify the stats on your account. You then have to replace the .GPD file on your profile. Go onto your XBOX DONT CONNECT TO XBL just unplug/disable the internet, go to halo 4 if it worked, dashboard i and then sign into XBL then go back to halo 4. BAM worked.

Please_tenth_lobbies wrote:

nathan1 wrote:

XeX_1337_MoDzZ wrote:

Doesn't work i have tried it

yes it does work iv'e just added 10000 xp and it worked you probably did it wrong

How did u do it, cuz i tried it also and it didnt work either

it works all armor commendations stances symbols but 4 m t xp doesnt