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ESO beta sucks.Posted:

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Firstly the graphics suck. I understand that this is a mmo and they cant put photo realism in but they just suck. Voice acting is horrid. Storyline isn't that great so far. It just doesn't feel right to me. I am disappointment, it feels like a way downgraded version of oblivion xD. They should have at least made it better then skyrim, thats what most people are expecting. Defo not p2p worthy. What do you guys think?
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its a jam your hype
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It is a beta...Chill your beans.
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It is only the beta, It will most likely get better.
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you do no this is just a test to see how well it runs it will look better down the line
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Lol this isnt a beta for enjoying the game and having fun these are STRESS TESTS to find glitches and bugs lmao youre one of those dumbasses that get a beta to try to get an edge or play it like a demo lmao retards...
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It's a BETA for a reason Of course they're not going to be perfect.
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The game looks ok its just the gameplay. It's worse than Neverwinter.
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You all say "it's a beta" and that but I played both BF3 BF4 and other betas and they are like the main game. I still saw issues in the main game that was also in the beta.

I have been told it's okay and been told it's pretty bad......
I am not getting it because I don't want to pay 40 then another 10 a month for it...
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Its beta , Its gunna get better.
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