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WWE '13 Save Editor (Hacking Tool)
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The most compete WWE '13 Save Editor right now.

WWE '13 Hacks Video

Here is what the WWE 13 Save Editor can do:

- Gender Modifiers (Play Divas and Created Divas in all matches, even against Superstars)
- Attributes Mods (Up to 255 for Superstars and Create-a-Wrestler)
- Ability Modifiers (Up to 7 ! for Superstars & CAWs)
- Unlock all NPCs (Jerry Lawler, Bearer, Naomi, Godfather girls ect....)
- Match Modifiers (like in the video, do what you want, there is pretty much no restriction, 6-Man Elimination HIAC, Ironman 6-Man Tag ect..)
- CAWs Manager (Transfer your CAWs between your saves. Take lets say CAW 1 from Save A and copy it to Save B in CAW slot 25. Do whatever you want.)
- Entrance Modifiers (Fireworks in all stages, Entrances for NPCs)
- Text Modifiers (Edit the Superstar's and CAW's names, Huds, nicknames ect...)

- I made a protection on my tool, the result is that no one will be able to use my tool to do harmful mods on the game (such as moveset mods, it's a no no for me as always.)
As always, I make the game better, I don't ruin it.

Video of the WWE 13 Save Editor (Hacking Tool)
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How to get it:
- Download this rar file, and you will find the link to the paypal account where you will pay. You will then receive the hacking tool by email in the next 48h.

Paypal Link

- Once you get the WWE 13 HT.rar, extract EVERYTHING in one folder.
- Transfer your WWE 13 save game to your HDD or USB (configured by your xbox).
- Then use a program (horizon/Xtafgui/modio ect...) to tansfert you savedata.dat (savegame) to your P.C.

- Open the tool and Enter the paypal email you paid with. This should activate your Tool. (You will have to do this only one time)

- Make a backup, and Load your Save.dat in the WWE 13 Hacking tool, mod, save then click Rehash&Resign.
- Transfer back the modded savedata.dat to your HDD or USB by using horizon/Xtafgui/modio ect....
- Load your HDD or USB in your 360, and play !

You are done !
Enjoy !

NOTE: DO NOT UNINSTALL OR DELETE the hacking tool or its plugins folder.
If you do, you won't be able to use the editor again. You have been warned.
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