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What's Jitter Mod more effective on?

Shotguns (MW2 Striker, BLOps Spas-12)
30.00% (3 votes)
3-Burst Auto's (M16, MW2 Famas, BLOps G11)
70.00% (7 votes)

Total Votes: 10

RapidModz Service is Horrible!Posted:

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- If you don't like long posts, then this might not be for you, I guess. Just lettin' you know now -

~I just want to preface this by saying that this was MY experience with RapidModz, who knows, maybe they're flawless with everyone else. Just wanna say this isn't hate speech so much as it is a display of my disbelief at what happened to me personally.~

A few months ago I bought a modded controller from RapidModz just to give it a shot. I'd seen a friend of mine use his Rapid Fire on his FAL and his Jitter Mod on his Striker (MW2) and his Spas-12 (Black Ops) and it looked like a load of fun!

So I bought one. Nothing too crazy, just an ordinary black controller with White LEDs and 10-Mode Rapid Fire and Jitter Mod.
After it arriving, I saw the lights, tried the Rapid Fire and everything seemed good. I hadn't yet tried the Jitter Mod yet though.

As you all should know, Jitter Mod does not work on Modern Warfare 3 due to the removal of YY. Since I was playing MW3 for the most part, I hadn't yet tried the Jitter.

So I did!
I popped in MW2, put on the Striker and to my surprise the Jitter Mod was NOT working. So I asked my friend if his was.

~ Let me now point out that our controllers were ordered together so we only had to pay one shipping fee. They were ordered at the same time and arrived together, so I assume they were made at pretty much the same time ~

Okay, so he tried his, I was spectating, and it was working fine.

At this point, I figured out the technical problem and E-Mailed RapidModz.

Here is the E-Mail I sent them (I tried to make it as polite as possible, my little added notes/edits are in red:

"My jitter mod doesn't work and I think this is because it is not simulating the correct button combination.

My friend ordered both his and my controller together, along with another, his containing the rapid fire, jitter mod and fast reload and mine containing simply the rapid fire and jitter mod. His controller was based off the special edition with play and charge kid [supposed to be KIT] while mine was based off the standard Xbox 360 controller.

Jitter mod should be pressing RT-X-Y-Y repeatedly, right?

Well to test whether or not this was happening me and my friend, both using your modded controllers went to the 'Send a Message' function on the Xbox.

In the area where you're typing a message, we both just held down our jitter mod buttons. Mine pressed RT once then repeatedly just presses Y, and this is the button to add a space in your message, so this just sent the cursor gradually towards the right, over and over.

However, when my friend did this, with his apparently working jitter, his cursor went back one, forward two, back one, forward two, meaning that the X-Y-Y was indeed happening. He described what was happening as the X and Y buttons 'having a battle'[Not sure why I included that remark LOL].

I assume this means his is functioning correctly and there's just something wrong with mine... or something. I'm not an expert on this so I'm not sure what the problem is here. All I know is that the jitter isn't working nor was it ever working. Everything else on the controller works fine, though (the standard buttons and the rapid fire).

Thank you in advance for your reply."

So, you'd think I'd get a nice reply, perhaps explaining the problem, or maybe an offer to remedy the problem, right? You got another thing coming, sir.

Here's their reply:


To use jitter, you would have to hold down the jitter button. It will make burst round weapons, like the M16, automatic.

Thank you for visiting [the URL for RapidModz' website]!



Are. You. Kidding. Me.
I was expecting something like, "Oh, we've had complaints about that, here's a simple fix..." or "Yes, that's a known problem, just send it back and we'll fix it in no time". I specifically told the person that it WASN'T working, and he replies telling me what button to press.

That's like you telling me, "Dude, the door's locked! How the heck do I get in?!" and me telling you, "Just open the door, man. It's really simple." the method is the problem, pretty much

AND ANOTHER THING. I actually asked them through YouTube comments and previous emails about how the Jitter operates, and they told me that it DOESN'T work with the MW2 Striker or the BLOps Spas-12, which is absolutely incorrect. Ab-so-ducking-lutely incorrect, as anybody who knows the first thing about Modded Controllers should know In fact, Jitters are used MORE on guns like those than 3-burst guns as 3-burst guns aren't as good hip-fired (they're usually ARs).
So what you're telling me is that these 'professionals' know less about a controller mod than a random consumer like myself? That will NEVER make sense to me.

Thanks for reading!
If you didn't actually read it and you just skipped to this 'THE END' bit, then I understand, it's a long post, thanks anyway

Just something to consider the next time you feel you want something from RapidModz... if you ever do, that is (I doubtz it).

Have a nice day!

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Bigt1299 (10-01-2012)
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Wow, lol hope you get it to work.
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RapidModz sucks my friend had that exact same problem and today they still haven't fixed it, he threw his at a wall and never used it again. but they aren't any help.
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If you would like you could send it to me and i could fix it as simply the wire going to the X button is not properly connected or has fallen off.
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Same **** problem they are no help I don't have a jitter mod problem but I have a problem with my mod and they wont do shit there customer service is shit and I just wish I never **** ordered from them.
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Rapid modz sucks. Something like this happened to me except i sent in an incompatible controllor on accident and they never sent it back. Its been almost a year. Thats why i mod controllers now!!
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If you guys want great service check out einsteinmodz they are epic and have great customer service
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