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Minecraft Xbox 360 Item Hack
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[font=Century Gothic]This is my first post so bare with me:)[/font]

In order to do this you will need Modio, 360Revolution, and a flash drive
(You must make an account for 360 revolution....takes 2 seconds!)

Disclaimer:I do not own any of these programs this is just an informational post. i am not responsible for any lost or corrupted worlds

1)Ok step one, plug your flash drive into your xbox and go to network settings/storage/hard drive/games/minecraft and click your world and move it to your flash drive.
2)Plug you flash drive into your computer and open up modio.
3)Once in modio click explore a device/file open/gamesaves/your account/ minecraft then extract your world to your desktop
4)open up 360Revolution/login the double click the minecraft game and click open.
5)now from here you just edit whatever you want. the dropdown menu has all the items. and i dont recommend using any items from later updates.
6)once done that click save and it should say it saved in the bottom right of the screen
7)now open up modio and click open a save and open up the save from the desktop and click rehash and resign a couple of times just to be safe.
8)once done that delete the original save in the explorer a device window.
9)now right click in the window and insert the modded save and unplug your device and put it back in the xbox.
10)transfer the save in the Flash drive back to the hard drive and boot up minecraft
11)Have Fun!
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