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| Easter Egg | Updated 24-7 |* Locations* | *Information*
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Trailer / Info.

"Status code 800700EB" Explanation.

This status code, is stopping you from downloading due to so many people in your country/around the world are downloading, wait 10Minutes, and it should be all ready to go Wink

EcKoxSoldier's Videos, Please Subscribe to His Channel
Stairs barrier Glitched Found By Ecko, Go Subscribe - Not Patched

Stelter's Easter Egg Song! Go Subscribe!!!

Zap Gun, Ownage

Easter Egg: Text TuT (Credits to Owner)
Step 1:
When the power has been activated, you'll need to play a round of "Samantha Says" on the four computers in the outside area near the beginning.

Step 2:
Next, work your way to the labs. Here search for the "Hacker" nearby on one of the counters. Using the hacker, hack either one of the four red buttons along the wall. This will activate four switches nearby as well. You can locate them by searching for their green light that should be on by now.

Step 3:
Now you need to hack all four of these switches. Once this has been accomplished, the four buttons you found on the wall earlier must be pressed in less than 2-3 seconds. When done properly, they will stay lit. This will open up the round hole in the pyramid front graving. Of course you'll be needing this for another step.

Step 4:
When tunnel 6 has been breached, have someone hack the proper terminal from the Receiving Area so that the Digger leaves.

Step 5:
Go back safely to tunnel 6 and see that a Black Egg has appeared near the M16. Knife it and you'll see it moving around the room. Follow it since it will get stuck in various places. Knife it again and open doors for it until it flies up onto a dish on top of the spatial base.

Step 6:
Have someone use the Wave Gun on the tip of the Dish. This will cause the Egg to move again. Follow it through tunnel 11. It will go hide into some metal railing at some point. You can either shoot it from the wall next to Stamin-Up of throw a grenade at it. Keep moving it until it reaches the pyramid in the power room. It will fit in the hole you just opened.

Step 7:
A tubular container will rise up from the right side of the pyramid. Next step consists in filling up this container with Zombie Souls. Kill around 25 zombies near the container. You'll see the souls flying up to the ceiling structure which will fill up the tank.

Step 8:
Once filled up entirely, you'll hear a sound. Activate the switch right next to the container; this will open the pyramid, revealing Samantha.

At this point you will be awarded a Death Machine for 90 seconds. As well as the achievement "Cryogenic Slumber Party" unlocks.
This is only the first part of the Easter Egg. There is still another achievement to unlock! Starting from here is the part where you absolutely need Richtofen's Vrill Generator to proceed!
Step 9:
Head back to the "No Man's Land" (Area 51 where you began at). To your right stands a beam structure with some plates stores on it. Throw a grenade & the plates will fall off.

Step 10:
Have someone throw a Gersch Device behind the crates, right where the plates have fallen. If done properly, the plates should now be on the Teleporter Pad.

Step 11:
Go back onto the Moon. The plates should now be right in front of the Quick Revive. Have someone use a QED on them, after doing this they should now be right next to a computer in a corner of the same room.

Step 12:
Look in the labs for a lead pipe. It is often hidden in one of the counters where the hacker spawns. Grab it and plug it into the machine back in the Receiving Area. Have Richtofen put the Vrill Generator in between.

Step 13:
Have Richtofen repeatedly mash the X button on the computer keyboard for a few minutes. Wait until the voice over ends, the computer screen will STAY green.

Step 14:
The Vrill Generator will now be powered up and shiny. Grab it and head back to the pyramid. Get near the engraving and put the Vrill Generator in it. There will be four tubular containers rising up from the corners of the pyramid base.

Step 15:
Fill up the four tanks by killing around 25 zombies near each container. The same sound emits when a container is full.

Step 16:
Activate the switch next to the pyramid again and the containers will be drained of their content. Have Richtofen grab the Vrill from the hole in the engraving upfront. Player Richtofen now earned permanent perks!

Step 17:
Head back to the four "Samantha Says" consoles where you need to play three increasingly more difficult rounds.

Step 18:
Time to head back to the power room. Have someone use a QED on the engraving to move the black egg again. (Tip: Go prone and get as close as possible to the engraving, then aim low at the golden ring then throw the QED).

Step 19:
The Egg will fly back to the outside area, right next to the "Samantha Says" consoles. Use a Gersch Device on the egg.

Step 20:
You'll see the Egg teleport onto three rockets outside of the playable area where they'll launch and head towards the Earth. The final achievement "Big Bang Theory" will unlock and all players will earn permanent perks. The Moon is now yours!

iFloyd + -XexShadow- Videos

How to get the Space Suite

Pyrimid Glitch

Launch Pads

MuleKick + Pack a Punch

Barrier Glitch

Bowie Knife Location

Survival Mode!!

Hacking Device!!

Power Location - Video!!

Area 51 Explanation

Easter Egg Steps, Video + Text TuT

Step One!!

Step Two!!

Step Three!!

Step Four!!

Release Times

August 23rd, 2011

Alaska - 1:00 AM

Pacific - 2:00 AM

Mountain - 3:00 AM

Central - 4:00 AM

Eastern - 5:00 AM

UK & Ireland - 10:00 AM

Hawaii - 11:00 AM

CET (Central Europe Time) - 11:00 AM

Australia - 7:00 PM

New Weapons, Equipment

The Wavegun -

The New Device -

Where to find the Mystery Box

New Perk Explanation

The New Perk Gives you the Ability to Have 3 Guns, which can all be Pack-a-Punched

How to activate the Song!!

Some Images

What is Included in the Map Pack? Date, Info.

Included in the Rezurrection pack is:

The final chapter in the Zombies saga, a map that takes players to space to fight the undead, "Moon".
Four remastered maps making their return from Call of Duty: World at War: Nacht der Untten, Verrckt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese.
An enhanced version of the Zombies sountrack, including three brand new songs.
A new theme focusing on the new "Moon" Zombies level.
Players who already received the four remastered maps from World at War by purchasing the 'Prestige' or 'Hardened' editions of Black Ops will be able to get the rest of the content from Rezurrection free of charge by re-downloading the classic pack via their download history.

Rezurrection will be available for download August 23 for 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE. Players will receive double experience over the Labor Day weekend to celebrate its release.

Where to download the Map Packs if you Have the Hardened / Prestige

Credits: mdogg58


Cryogenic Slumber Party (75G) In Moon, complete Richtofen's grand scheme.

One Small Hack for Man (5G) In Moon, hack something.

One Giant Leap (5G) In Moon, become trapped in the Receiving Area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op.

Perks in Spaaaaace (30G) In Moon, purchase every Perk in one game.

Fully Armed and Operational (25G) In Moon, acquire 3 Pack-A-Punched weapons at the same time.

Ground Control (10G) In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.

Big Bang Theory (100G) In Moon, gain sweet, sweet, revenge.

Videos / GamePlay + Information


Extra's (A theory)

1.i pointed out on the image number 1. if you look it is the golden rod that you had to retrieve in the call of the dead easter egg and if you have shangri-la and you get richtofen you will see on your screen the golden rod

2.i have pointed out number 2. it is a controll panel for a lander if you have ascension it is a controll panel on the lunar landers

3.ok number 3. is a space suit it was leaked that if you leave the safe area (spawn*) without buying the space suit you will die it is believed to cost 1000 points

4.number 4. is pointed out on this pic because behind number four is the thunder gun now does this mean is it on this map i dont know we will just have to see number 5. hmm..... it says space ice and a pic of a machine is this going to be a perk ??? this is the obviouse one it is the pack'a'punch machine now does this mean that it is on this map because this map packs also releasing the W@W MAPS SHI NO NUMA-NOCH DER INTOTEN-VERUCT & DE RIESE now the only map on the W@W PACK that has a pack'a'punch machine is -DE RIESE- now hope that it is on this map because pack'a'punching a weapon makes it 2x as much better

7.this one is the most out standing one DUHH its sleight of hand (SPEED COLA) now by this i hope that this is on this map because i always buy this perk after buy juggernog

8.ITS MONKEYY BOMBS XD i hope that bye this that they are bringing these back i love these things they are the most helpfull bombs just like black hole bombs they are really hellpfull because they will get you out of sticky situations bye attracting the zombis away from you and black hole bombs sucks them into another demention says behing the number 9. that i have pointed out gun mule and three weapons it is leaked also that there is a new perk that enables you to have 3 weapons and when you get downed and loose the new 3 weapon perk when yu stand up yu willll only have two guns but when you buy it again you will get the gun you lost back for freee


Looking for a Moon Team? Fill out this Form, Post Below.

The Form, which you need to copy and answer to post below.

Date/Time (TimeZone, GMT:
How Many Players?:
What is your Highest Round:
Do you have Good Listening Skiils:
Does your Mic Work:
Do you work as a Team:
Do you know your way around the Map:
What is your Gamertag:

Live Stream

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] [ONLINE]
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] [ONLINE]


Thanks for the feedback, <3

How to Pack-a-Punch On Moon

FlamesUK wrote:

[align=center]Things you can do using the hacking device:

Hackable Items:

- Pack-A-Punch machine.

- Doors (opening them)

- Windows(boarding them)

- Players/friends.

- Wall weapons.

- The Mystery Box.

- Power Ups.

- Excavator.

- Perks.

The Pack-a-Punch machine

Raises three gates around it. No zombies or players may go in or out. Hacking grants the hacker 1,000 points.

Excavator controls

When any excavator is breaching the moon base, The hacker can be used on the computer terminals in the spawn room, Thus halting the attack. The players will get the achievement Ground Control if all four excavators are stopped before they breach the base.


Doors For 20% of the normal price, the player can hack open any door.


The window hacked will be repaired instantly and grant the hacker 100 points, Even if only a few boards were repaired. If a single window is hacked too frequently in the same round, It will then cost 300 points to complete the operation, Instead of awarding money.


The hacking player transfers 500 points to the hacked player.

The Mystery Box

If used on a possible spawn, the box will spawn there for one weapon spin for 1200 points. If used on a weapon in the box, it will re-roll for 600 points, instead of 950. If the re-roll is hacked, the weapon glows blue and to every other player it says "Hold X to trade weapons", basically giving another player the weapon you didn't want. Cannot be done repeatedly on the same possible spawn within the same round. Once a box has been hacked, may interfere with a fire sale box appearing there, could be from hacking possible spawn or from hacking a re-roll.

Re-Hacking the Mystery Box

Wall Guns

The price of the ammo cost will "swap" making the normal ammo getting the price of the upgraded ammo, and the upgraded getting the price of the normal ammo, making it very useful tool after Pack-a-Punching


Hacking a perk that is already bought will return you cost of the perk, but the perk will be taken away.

Power Drops

Hacking most Power Drops changes them into Ammo Drops. Hacking an Ammo drop changes it into Fire Sale. No word on what Fire Sale turns into.

The Hacking Device

Can be found in any of the three laboratory floors, on any desks near the sides of the room. If a player obtains another P.E.S, It will move to another random desk. The Hacker may be used on various areas around the map with different outcomes.

Big thanks to EcKoxSoldier for all the recording for this. And iLuSioNz for in game play

Thanks, Colgate.[/align]

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nice post dude
continue good work Wink
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MW3_Marine wrote:

nice post dude
continue good work Wink

Thank you, Glitches, Videos + More will be added tommorow Wink
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thanks man nice post am getting this
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Im pretty sure you have forgot 1 achievment great topic though Smile

The other achievment is 100g its secret and it seems to be another easter egg go on to check the achievments Smile

Big Bang Theory 100G
In Moon, gain sweet, sweet, revenge.

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Great post! Can't wait to see it after the map pack comes out
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nice thread bro you put alot of work in this i can tell
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brilliant thread here colgate,
great job buddy

sticky Wink <3
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Great post.

Didn't know a few of these things.

Thanks for the info.

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Thinking wrote:

brilliant thread here colgate,
great job buddy

sticky Wink <3

Thanks, im going to be updating this regular with glitches tutorials + more Wink

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