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How to Hotswap Xbox 360 Slim without opening it/For ISO DiskPosted:

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Today I am going to show you how to hotswap your xbox 360 slim without opening your console.
Before you start, make sure you do not have the Normal disk or the modded disk installed to your hard drive or it will not work.
1. Take your Normal Disk (Waw for instance) and stick it in your xbox
2. Make sure Auto-play is turned off in the system settings
3. Scroll to: play CoD World At War under my xbox
4. In the bottom of the screen it should say game details (Y)
5. You need to hit Game Details (Y) and the eject button (not the x button) on your console at the same time.
6. You should have a blank screen with just a background.
7. Now eject the disk and put in your modded iso disk
8. It should start to load the disk, so keep pressing "A"
9. After it loads quickly press "A" and then it should play game.
10. And there you go, just go to the game mode you want to mod and have fun.
(This DOES WORK with the new Xbox "White" Dashboard, It worked for me)
(I did NOT find this new method, someone else did)
Plus my Rep if this helped and thank topic
Please post your results below
Have Fun XBL!!!
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If this works ill get an iso but i will be waiting to see if it works first
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doesnt this only work with BenQ drives
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this is patched ages ago, only way to hotswap is to open your xbox
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This got patched ages ago dude.
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